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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 10, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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away. tonight we know someone murder add local college student but there's so much more we don't know. what happened to blaze? your know. what happened to blaze? your news starts know. before we start, i just want to says starts if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement. ♪ breaking news, their son found dead. parents of a missing university of pennsylvania student choking back tears. >> it's unbelievable what you people have done for us and our
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son in his memory. >> what happened to blaze? a flight from california to philadelphia to visit his mother's grave. but when he got there, a sick feeling. his mom was missing. her grave moved. tonight, an explanation. >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. developing right now a tragic story in california hits close to home. to night news nobody what happened to hear. orange counsel tie sheriffs investigators found the body avenue missing student from the university of pennsylvania. thanks for joining you at 10:00i lucy noland. authorities discovered 19-year-old blaze bernstein's body in a park near his home. his family reported him missing the day after a friend of bernstein's met him at that same park. fox 29's chris o'connell is live on the campus of the university of pennsylvania where they're remembering bernstein 90 chris? >> reporter: lucy, certainly a somber mood here at on the
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campus of the university of pennsylvania as many students are just returning from wint break to the horrible news that one of their classmates has been murdered. meanwhile, california authorities are just beginning their investigation into who killed blaze bernstein. tonight classmates at the university of pennsylvania gather on campus to remember a bright young scholar. >> we just have learned the oc's sheriff's department koro rainier's has confirmed our family's worst fears have come true and positively identified our son blaze's body today. >> the announcement no parent should ever have to make after days of searching authorities in california have found the body of blaze bernstein. the 19-year-old sophomore at the university of pennsylvania. officials ruled his death a homicide. >> so many friends and family that have reached out to us it's unbelievable what you people have done for us and our son in
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his memory. >> reporter: blaze left his home late last tuesday night with friend who drove to this park in lake forest, california. blaze got out of the car went into the park and vanished. his body was found yesterday a week later. bernstein was plan to go study psychology was writer for several penn student run magazine. >> just l this semester has been tough a lot of tragedies after tragedy. >> reporter: blaze is the eighth penn student to die so far this school year in statement to the student body the university provost says i came to know blaze and i grieve his passing as i do all student deaths. i real these losses have the potential to affect many, many members of our penn family. the university will once again offer counseling sessions to fellow students while his family remembers the loss of a young man who had his whole life ahead of him. >> blaze was a brilliant, colorful and charismatic man who
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shined light on all the lives of the people and communities they touched. >> reporter: authorities in california have yet to release a cause in bernstein's death. right now no arrest, no suspects. lucy? >> all right. thank you, chris. five homes evacuated in north philadelphia because of a strong smell of gas. one problem weather again but this time it's the warmer weather. the wildly swinging temperatures are makin making pipes contractd expand. our dave schratwieser speaking to few of those forced from their homes live in north phil philly. dave. >> reporter: lucy, you know it's not just water main breaks that are plaguing the from a structure here in philadelphia over the past couple of weeks with those frigid temperatures. it's gas leaks as well. the latest one right here on open pal street happened around 5:00 o'clock tonight. caused five homes to be evacua evacuated and tonight pgw crews still on the scene. >> smell gas something you don't may with. >> reporter: james white nose
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what to do when he smells a gas leak. wednesday night he found himself smack in the middle of one when he got to his home on north open pal street. >> i'm glad that they responded you know asap. >> when i first pulled up i smelled a first smell of gas. >> reporter: alberto reyes new something was wrong when he walked in the front door and smell gas. he grabbed his wife and eight week old daughter and got out. >> i was nervous. more so because there's so many in the house and my infant i was worried about her. >> reporter: pgw crew arrived quickly pretty good given the fact that pgw crews like city work department workers have been scrambling to deal with breaks and leaks since last week's stretch of the single digit cold temperatures. >> they said an hour and they came out like ten minutes. >> i have to stay out. i want to be in my bed. >> reporter: ann shank was lying in bed when she heard the fire department knocking on her front door telling her to get out. >> telling me to come out. they have have to come and get
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meme i couldn't get down the stairs. >> reporter: pgw crews went to work and shut off gas to the block and located the leak and started repairs. neighborneighbors were allowed n while they fixed the gas line. alberto reyes was thankful nothing serious happened. >> gas is dangerous. >> reporter: no doubt about that. now, those five homes were evacuated for about 90 minutes until the gas was shut off. pgw spokesman tonight did not have any statistics available on how many gas leaks over the past couple of weeks. but work crews tell us they've been scrambling and they expect the warm temperatures to bring even more. lucy? >> we got to brace ourseles. thank up, dave. we now know who else died in a north philadelphia fire that took the life of a firefighter. authorities say 61-year-old lane died saturday after flames ripped through his north colorado street home. meanwhile a wreath now hangs at fireman haass hall in old city to honor fire lieutenant matthew letourneau as flags live at half
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staff statewide. pay respects tomorrow from follow cory that it nest afternoon nine toll at the sank bass of saints peter and paul. first of two public viewings. the second is friday at 9:00 a.m. funeral mass at 11:00. road closures on friday. head to for a full review of everything. the daughter of a slain new jersey radio host is speaking to fox 29 tonight about the dramatic developments her mother' case. kimberly pack trying to make sense of what unfolded yesterday in atlantic county. prosecutors charged her step falter of father with killing her mom april kauffman and implicated outlaw biker gang and talked of a drug empire. she says it feels more like a made for tv movie than real life. fox 29's dawn timmeney reports. >> i don't know that i've quite yet found any joy or happiness from this situation because this is just the beginning. >> reporter: kimberly pack has
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waited some five and a half years for an arrest in the brutal murder of her mom. 47-year-old april kauffman was found shot to death in the bedroom of her linwood home in may of 2012. on tuesday, atlantic county prosecutors announced her husband, dr. james kauffman, was under arrest charged with hiring a hit man to kill the popular jersey shore radio personality after she threatened to divorce him and expose an opioid pill mill. investigators say kauffman was operating the business out of his egg harbor township medical office with the pagan motorcycle gang. >> did your mom ever say she felt her life was in danger ever to you? >> i think a lot of those things will come out eventually. >> reporter: kimberly says the dramatic developments are surreal to her. she spoke to her mom on the telephone the day before she was brutally killed and says more will come out about that call which is one she would not have wanted to have. >> i replayed that conversation so many times in my head.
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the should have, could have, would haves. hindsight i would have told her how proud i was of her. i would have told her that i loved her and that she just was amazing. >> reporter: as for her stepfather accused of robbing her of her best friend, kim says she harbors no hatred toward the 69 year old. >> right now in my heart i'm actually working on forgiveness. >> reporter: kimberly wants to move forward with her life and be a good mom to her seven and 11-year-old boys. she plans on taking it day by day and says she knows it will be a long road to justice for her mom april kauffman. dawn timmeney, fox 29 us in. got to be so tough. so is this. man flew across country to pray at his mother fosses grave at a delaware county cemetery, but when he got there, she wasn't there. can you imagine? so what happened? our dave kinchen is live in darby witness rest of the story. dave? >> reporter: lucy, the worst thing anyone can imagine sean
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porter flys from california philadelphia area twice year specifically to pray by his mother's grave. the spiritual person says he ended up in nightmare. >> whose grave am i praying at? what body or what spirit i'm attaching myself to that's particular in my mothers grave that it's not my mother. >> reporter: horrifying questions sean porter began asking himself after visiting what he thought was his mother's grave at eden cemetery in darby, delaware county. following a flight in from california. >> i travel home twice year to, you know, pray with her at her grave. like we're that close and we're spiritual people. >> reporter: first sign of trouble he says the new headstone he bought for her was missing. >> i was hurt, distraught, emotionally upset. >> reporter: it got worse when the cemetery admitted to moving his mother to another plot entirely and without notice. >> made me feel like, well, you
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completely, like, you desecrated a memory and he did he say crates add woman's grave for what reason reporter report porter demanded cemetery staff show him his mother's cass it. >> i physically was sick to my stomach got a little dizzy because high to watch them dig a grave of that had my mother in it. >> reporter: fox 29 called cemetery management for comment. manager apologized for what porter is going through and says his mother's body was moved after they realized her original plot was actually owned by someone else. >> what sort of behavior do you indulge in to desecrate a grave and move it without consent of the family? >> reporter: cemetery management apologized for not contacting porter about the plot change. they also say the contractor who delivered the headstone accidentally placed it on the wrong grave. despite the apology, sean porter says the pain won't go away. >> i'm just hurt and i hope that
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it doesn't happen to anyone el else. >> reporter: the cemetery says they will give sean a full refund but as you can imagine and he says it doesn't even begin to repair the damage. lucy? >> all right. thank you, dave. only on fox, one last day in office. a new jersey assembly woman made brave admission. she's the victim of domestic abuse, and she's speaking with fox 29's joyce evans. shawnette wilson. what you got? >> reporter: lucy, it's a woman you are going to love and certainly can learn a lot from. the story behind her retirement here at wissahickon middle school at
10:13 pm
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a story you'll see only on fox. courageous act by a new jersey assembly woman on her last day in office. the revel of revelation that she's a victim of domestic abuse. and it may have cost now former new jersey assembly woman maria rodriguez greg her seat in trenton. but she can't stay silent any longer and doesn't want the shame and pain to ruin her life or the lives of other women as you might imagine some of the images in joyce evans report are tough to see. >> it's hard to keep that kind of secret. >> reporter: victim domestic abuse the kind of secret this beautiful intelligent influential strong physically active mother of two hid. >> it's dust gusting. >> at the same time she wow was working on domestic violence legislation and other reforms in the new jersey state assembly. >> it does feel like a huge weight lifted. >> reporter: 36-year-old maria rodriguez greg revealed her secret on facebook. on her last day in public offi
10:15 pm
office. it's been one year since another assault by her male partner landed her in the hospital and hiding from the world even though she pressed charges, he plead guilty, and a restraining order was issued. good being open about what i was going through and how it was affecting me was just to encourage other people to seek help so it doesn't get to that point. >> reporter: the point where she says she had become a ticking time bomb. and it was coming out for all to see. like on this police body camera video. >> get off my purse. >> ma'am, stop. >> why are you trying to take my purse. >> stop. because you're not allowed to have in the back of a police cruiser. >> reporter: a profane tirade after a minor accident that led to her arrest for dui last spring. even then she hid how she was hurting and eventually drop her bid for re-election. >> for me speaking about one event was awake up call. why i accept full responsibili responsibility. it was wake up call because it was like you're not okay. >> reporter: rodriguez greg
10:16 pm
admits still out of embarrassment fear of judgment and fear of being hurt again led her on a downward spiral until she says someone confided in her. >> their family member committed suicide after, um, experiencing abuse and domestic violence. i didn't want that to be me. >> reporter: she says she's doing much better than she was now she wants to change that stigma that prevents women from coming forward. >> instead it's your fault, why didn't you leave? you deserved it. you're making it up. >> reporter: she stopped short of saying she'll be advocating for more a wayness and tougher punishment. instead she feels it's unfinish business from her work as lawmaker. maria still working part time in home care marketing and she's considering a number of possibilities that may one day down the road lead her back to trenton. joyce evans, fox 29 news.
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exciting start to 2018 for the royersford police departme department. officer felicia delgado newest addition to the force. she's the first woman in 22 years to serve so congratulati congratulations officer dell gotti. stay safe. eagles fans your wait is almost over. the eagles are just three days away from their first playoff game in four years. if you're starting to get those playoff jitters, you're in good company. kristen rodgers is here with how the players are handling playoff fever. kristen. >> lucy we've been talking about the eagles playing in the playoffs for week and a half now without a game. finally we are just a few days away from some action. but it might be the players who are more anxious to take the field. these guys have been waiting t too. no more rest. they are chomping at the bit to finally play atlanta. >> no doubt, man. you know it was -- it was nerve racking just waiting to see who we were going to play, you know
10:18 pm
what i mean? almost like christmas all over again. you know, so i'm just ready to go out and may, man. >> in the playoffs, everything is heightened. the competition, the crowd, and the players know their level of play and focus needs to match that. >> any time you understand that there's really no tomorrow after saturday, always going to heighten, you know, your tempo, your urgency to make sure, you know, like, we're on everything. >> coming up later in sports, a jay talks about his experience against atlanta. remember he already played the falcons this season back when he was with miami. his inside scouting report is ahead in sports. lucy? >> all right, talk to you then. thanks kristen. how many people do you suppose can say they spent 30 years doing a job they loved? well, this next woman you're about to meet can say twice. carmelo farrell retired from wissahickon middle school.
10:19 pm
the school sent her you have to retirement way touching farewell. this was not her 30 year stretch at a job. fox 29's shawnette wilson is in ambler with our nightly dose of happy. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, carmella's work ethic and love for what she did is definitely admiral. now she definitely won't miss getting up at 5:30 every morning and i can tell you her husband certainly won't miss having to take her to work and pick her up eery day. but what she will miss the people she met along the way. none-year-old carmella farrell walked into wissahickon middle school tuesday of last week for her lay last day of work she was met with a surprise party. carmella was retiring after 30 years working in the school cafeteria. >> everybody surprise, surprise! >> students and staff showered her with gifts. they presented her with 30 balloons and 30 chocolates the principal explained why. [ inaudible ] >> i talked to carmella and her husband guide dough at their home week after the send off.
10:20 pm
>> that made me really emotion emotional. yeah. everybody start crying and everything. >> reporter: her daughter some of her grand and great-grandchildren and her husband was there. >> i look at him. you knew this, didn't you? >> nom he lied. >> this was her second career job. she work as a welder at a company in fort washington and retired from there at 62 years old. but says she still needed something to do. her oldest daughter suggested working in the school. >> started with making the pretzels, making pretzels. the fruit. hundreds fruits day. then i go to the cookies. the cookies, make all the cookies, count my dishes, my plates, count -- you have to count everything. >> reporter: then serve lunch but after three decades, carmella decided it was time to go. >> my feet i have a hard time walking long distance and hard time walking. >> reporter: already she misses her co-workers and the children. >> i started crying i miss them
10:21 pm
a lot of good children. >> reporter: her husband is even happier. >> i'm happy she's home now. at least i have companion because i decided when i was 65 -- retired when i was 65. >> reporter: in all carmella worked with the wissahickon food services depth since the late '80s she's work at the high school level, middle school and elementary school cafeterias. shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. oh, my god, mom! >> still ahead -- >> the flood is right there. get out of here? go! close the door! >> california deadly mudslides. families still missing. others rescued in the nick of time. 100 homes gone. hundreds of others even oprah's covered in mud. also -- whew! it's hank. you smell that -- >> i smell it. >> do you smell it? >> it's natural gas it's coming up out of these pilot holes in springfield. fire department is on the way. springfield. fire department is on the way. hank'in america last year.ths
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we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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[ laughs ] rodney. bowling. classic. can i help you? it's me. jamie. i'm not good with names. celeste! i trained you. we share a locker. -moose man! -yo. he gets two name your price tools. he gets two? i literally coined the phrase, "we give you coverage options based on your budget." -that's me. -jamie! -yeah. -you're back from italy. [ both smooch ] ciao bella. video is simply jaw dropping. mud overtaking entire neighborhoods in southern california. where homes and businesses once stood now nothing but dirt and debris. so far at least 17 people have lost their lives. 17 others are missing. thousands of people are impacted with people posting on social media that they're safe or they're looking for someone. many got to safety in the nick of time. >> turn around. the flash flood is right there.
10:25 pm
the flash flood is right there. get out of here. go! oh, my god, mom. >> could you imagine? in santa barbara county, one man warned a driver and his family about the mudslide just moments before it hit. thank goodness, though, they are all safe. now oprah winfrey posted think video showing the damage near her home. she just has to clean up with no serious damage. iain page has been following this story live in the operation center. iain? >> reporter: lucy they just pulled a couple more bodies from that mud a few hours ago. hundreds of homes have been destroyed and dozens are still missing. >> the search and rescue mission is underway in southern california. it center the on santa barbara county with crews out in full force a day after a series of deadly mudslides swamped the area with dirt and debris
10:26 pm
evacuees describing a scary situation that escalated quick quickly. >> all the debris just came down sounded like cars were being dragged, you know, we saw the bouts, the rocks. tried to get out and couldn't. >> we knew it was coming. we just didn't know it was going to be this bad. >> residents had been bracing for it with heavy rain in the forecast. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect throughout the area. only ten to 15% actually left with the rest waking up to roads and neighborhoods covered by rivers of mud. >> the water was just gushing where are. we had no idea what was going on much this whole area used to be a road. not huge river bed. >> officials tell residents to avoid the water for at least 72 hours warning of increased bacteria levels. >> you can become sick because the water is high in bacteria at these points right after a rain. >> officials say they'll be going house to house and they promised to get to everyone who still trapped. lucy? >> continues to go there. thank you very much, iain page.
10:27 pm
so stay off the ice. you have been warned. still rescuers are training to save the lives of the people who just won't listen. a little doggie on big journey missing for three years. found just last week and you
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♪ you saw it first on fox last week. bristol township man arrested after buying all kinds of guns. tonight we've learned noah drat felled of levittown will be bucks county courtroom next week to answer to weapons charges. as fox 291st reported last week, state, county and federal investigators are looking into his gun buys. police and fbi raided drat field's june wood road home last month. prosecutors said in court papers drat field wanted to use the weapons to support domestic and international terrorist groups. drat field is now in jail held on $500,000 bail. a warning tonight from the people who would have to risk
10:31 pm
their lives to save yours if you venture out on to thin ice. they say don't do it. just don't do it. today rescue teams from philadelphia's police marine unit trained for those dangerous situations. teams suited up and staged a situation where someone fell through the ice. you can see a guy right there out in the frigid waters as others work to rescue him. tonight authorities are warning even if the ice looks safe, consider it dangerous. across the country there is no escaping it. the opioid epidemic is just that bad. so bad in fact pennsylvania's governor is hoping to save lives by announcing a statewide disaster declaration. our jeff cole has more from harrisburg. >> reporter: governor wolf chose the cap tool ornate lee is that room to launch his latest attack on the opioid crisis a battle commonwealth is clearly losing. >> pennsylvania now has the fourth highest overdose rate in the country. in 2016, we lost over 4,600
10:32 pm
pennsylvanians to this disease. >> reporter: another 5200 died in 2017. so wolf declare the epidemic a statewide disaster emergency. a plan to clear away rules hampering efforts to fight the epidemic now first responders will leave behind the overdose combating drug naloxone for an addiction likely to use again. >> we know that naloxone is absolutely search. it's absolutely search. you cannot access treatment and get into recovery if you're debtor. >> reporter: pennsylvania now the eighth state to make declaration in philadelphia struggling with the epidemic consideration is being given to allow heroin users a place to inject. >> do you support the idea of safe injection sites for heroin users? >> i support the ability of local governments to do what they think is necessary for their population. >> reporter: there are no new big bucks knowing from harrisburg to cities and towns rather a focusing of state resources and an effort to limit
10:33 pm
the shame. >> addiction, opioid use disorder, are medical conditio conditions. they are diseases. they are not a moral pham failing. >> reporter: the disaster declaration runs for 90 days. governor wolf says he hopes to find better ways to battle the epidemic during that time. in harrisburg, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. animal welfare advocates in philadelphia have just announce add new initiative to keep homeless animals alive. too many pets who wind up in local shelters epidemic up killed. the goal cut the number of unwanted cats and dogs. help pet owners keep their animals. and increase adoptions from shelters. fox 29's bruce gordon has the story. >> reporter: it's a busy day in the kid kitty cat adoption room at philadelphia's animal care and control team office. and tina is bound and determined to find herself a pet among these orphaned animals. >> they're good company. i'm used to cat being around,
10:34 pm
and it's time for me to look for cat. >> reporter: part of your familiarly. >> part of my family. >> reporter: not so many years ago, acct philly took in 30,000 stray animals creature ear the vast majority unable to be connected with new families were ultimate euthanized. on wednesday with an adoptable terrier wagging his tail in approval, several local shelters announce they are banding together to make philadelphia so-called no kill city. >> it is a historic moment here in philadelphia with the leading animal welfare agencies linking arms to assert our collective commitment to finally end completely the killing of saveable pets in shelters. >> reporter: it's a three-part plan that includes increased efforts at spaying and neutering pets to keep their numbers manageable. pushing for members of the community to rescue, foster and adopt unwanted cats and dogs. and perhaps most interesting of all, letting harried pet owners know there are low and no cost
10:35 pm
ways of solving the problems that might have led them to give up their animals it. >> has every single day. pet owner will come to us and say my cat has fleas. take this cat. you don't have to do that. >> this effort will not be without cost. pet smart charities providing a $175,000 grant. but other foundations and private donors will need to step up as he will. there appears to be little extra money in the city budget to keep these animals alive. go to we'll link to you the information that could help you do your part. i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. together we can make it happen. to arkansas now where family is relieved to have their beloved pup back home after he ran away three years ago. three years. colonel is his name his mom says she searched for him for nearly a year before she gave up then last week an animal shelter more than 300 miles away called her. the shelter scanned the dog's micro chip and they finally reunited this week. so eighths lesson to all to
10:36 pm
micro chip your pets. how cute is that? a cruise vacation turned terrifying. they stepped off their ship on to smaller boat but then that boat sunk. so much for relaxing trip. our phones can do so much, right? internet and games and social media. who wants to talk any more? 911 operators get it. need help? you text them. ♪
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tour boat carrying ten royal caribbean cruise passengers sank off the coast of cozumel mexico. passengers were just heading out on diving excursion last week when the boat started sinking. what did they do? they jumped overboard. all the guest doctors get back to their ship safely. this is the second royal caribbean accident in less than month involving american cruise passengers. 12 people died when a bus carrying cruise passengers flipped over on a highway in december. president trump appeared with another world leader for the first time this year but it's what he said in the q and a after his appearance with the prime minister of norway that is grabbing headline. joint news conference the president tackled a broad range
10:40 pm
of issues from immigration to the russia investigation. iain page is live in the news& operation center. >> lucy it wasn't just the news conference. the president active on twitter today calling out at least one democratic senator. president trump and norwegian prime minister at the white house discussing trade and security during their first meeting together. >> i want to thank the people of norway for their commitment to fair and reciprocal trade. >> president addressed a broad range of topics throughout the day including tax reform, health care, immigration. >> any solution has to include the wall because without the wall, it all doesn't work. >> he pledged his administration will work to change the nation's libel laws. >> when somebody says something that is false and defamatory about someone that person will have meaningful recourse in our courts. >> those remarks coming in the aftermath of the new book fire and fury.
10:41 pm
the unflattering portrait of the 45th president by author michael wolff. the president expressed his displeasure with senator diane feinstein for releasing testimony about the so hoy called trump russia dossier calling it the single greatest witch hunt. >> i will say this. there is collusion but it's really with the democrats and the russians. far more than it is with the republicans and the russians. so the witch hunt continues. >> well president trump is pla planning a trip to switzerland later this month to attend the world economic forum. in the operations center, i'm iain page. lucy back to you. >> kathy orr is tracking that forecast. waiting for the 60s. >> let me tell you our next storm taking shape. you can see all of those watches and warnings. it's a snowstorm out west. for us a rainstorm. with that warmup. we'll talk about that plus the
10:42 pm
el: broke, homeless, selling my body to get high, locked up, a slave to heroin - that was my life. married, a homeowner, a professional, recovering and thriving - that's my life now. i got help. you can too. new years means a new day for those struggling with addiction. don't suffer. don't wait. choose help. call 844 reachnj or visit
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usually you drop off package at ups store. one northern liberty became a drop off point for coats to help those in need. volunteers delivered those coats and other clothing to the st. francis ministries in kensington they'll help homeless people warm after weeks of frigid temperatures. so you've heard it before.
10:45 pm
smell gas in your house get out but what happens when you smell it outside in your neighborhood where do you go then? our hank flynn went to springfield, delaware county, where they're figuring it all out. ♪ i don't really know what could happen but it definitely smells real strong it's probably bad. >> i wanted to know where the smell was coming from. >> oh, oh, no. that smells. >> i found it natural gas wafting out of pilot holes in the street from heather and dan sacks house. it smells enough that people called the fire department last night. >> they said the smell was so strong at the street and as they came closer to the house it was still strong. and they kept noticing the smell all around the house. so they wanted to come in and make sure there was nothing in the house. >> reporter: everything was fine but the smell perm me yates the area around the corner of powell and brock roads peco replacing a gas main in the area there's no danger whatsoever
10:46 pm
they told me but that smell. environment for your family for your kings the kids in the neighbor. it's pretty clear if the gas smells that bad in the neighborhood it can't have positive health effects. >> reporter: check this out. i came down to springfield fire company just to ask about it. two blocks away. i know they've been down there already. now, they're going down there again. >> peco showed up too. the fire department left just as quickly after giving things yet another look. here's peco spokeswoman christina pappas. >> we have had crews out there. we do have our crews on site that are performing the actual work. um, we have, you know, verified that any of the smell that is currently going on is not hazardous. it is due to a small leak from the old main which is one of the reasons that it is being replaced. we need to upgrade it to something, you know a new pipe, more reliable. better safety for our customers. >> reporter: i didn't see much work going on but the fire marshal told me the lion's share of it's done in that area.
10:47 pm
service just has to be shifted to the new main which he said he anticipates very soon. i'm sure things are fine and i don't know much about replacing gas mains but i got to figure there's way to do it without free freaking out the residents. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ could texting 91 weren't during an emergency become more common? minnesota kick off its text program last month, and some authorities believe it can help people who need to stay quiet in dangerous situations so they can't talk. they can text instead. it can also help those with disabilities such as people who are deaf. while pennsylvania does have a program like this, it is yet to come to philadelphia. all right. let's hop outside old city studios. temperatures have been in the 40 today's which is nice. can you believe that we're talking about the 60s in our forecast? it's true. see for yourself in 15 seconds.
10:48 pm
>> so i took poll on mifi back page kathy orr fox 29. what would you rather have rain or snow. >> guess what everybody said. >> rain. >> yes, lucy. everyone said rain. come on. it's wint after all and our ski resorts need the snow, but we are going to stay on the warm side of the storm. wilmington looking good tonight. just quiet. temperatures are still mild. 39 in philadelphia. the wind is calm wilmington it's 39. allentown 38. the clouds really keeping those temperatures from falling fast. as ulu look at the nation you can see the cold air starring to dip through the northern planes into the great lakes you see this ridge right here of 50s m60s and 70s and this is where our weather is coming from. 56 still in st. louis. 59 in memphis atlanta 61. we will get in on some of that mild air. some clouds rolling through tonight. but they'll be thickening during
10:49 pm
the day tomorrow and we'll see those temperatures soar. tomorrow temperatures 15 degrees above normal. friday 25 degrees above normal. normal being 40 for this time of year. after that it's bag back to winter, saturday 2 degrees below average. by sunday, 8 degrees below that normal high of 40. so with the warmth we'll see the rain. tomorrow night it moves in. after 11:00 o'clock for most of us. rain especially friday morning. and then into the afternoon. but then we get a break it could be several hours and then that rain comes back in. around 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m. we see a few more showers saturday morning. that cold air rapid wrapping around it that pink is freezing rain. and then it's out of here by noon. so for the eagles game it will be dry but it's going to be getting cold a lot of cold air behind this storm. first let's talk about the rain much the rain mainly friday no saturday around an inch for everyone and higher accumulati accumulations more toward 2-inches as you get towards the poconos, reading and lancaster it seems to be where the heft yesterday rain will be falling.
10:50 pm
so overnight, 32 in allentown. 35 in philadelphia. 29 in the poconos. many of our areas especially to the north and west ground temperatures will be below freezing. so anything that's melled will be refreezing come tomorrow morning. so please be careful. tomorrow's high 55. mostly cloudy. southerly winds. temperatures well above average. as we look at the weather for the link let's go through the day. tailgator temperatures in the 30s by game time, 33 degrees with a northwest win at 14. it will feel like it's in the 20s. and by about 8:00 o'clock, 27 with northwest win at 14. wind chills will be in the tee teens. so really layer up for this one. take look at the seven day. friday you have that morning rain. then more rain in the afternoon and the evening. saturday the rain will be out of here for the birds and much colder sunday, monday for the holiday and a chance of snow tuesday. that's our next best chance. wednesday sunny and cold. the temperature 31. but highs aren't in the teens that's a plus. what do you say? >> that is a plus.
10:51 pm
i'll take it it's looking okay for the eagles game and they've been game planning for the falcons for a long time now. but jay a jay has already seen them this season what he had to say about atlanta and where he says the eagles can get an edge in this matchup next. ♪
10:52 pm
hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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>> a man visits his mother's grave only to find out she's not there. someone moved her. now, he's sick to his stomach but tonight the cemetery is vowing to make thing right. fox 29 news at 11:00 is next. ♪ your nissan sports wrap on fox 29. jay ajayi has been here before. not in the divisional round of the playoffs but preparing for game against atlanta. remember he already played the falcons this year when he was still with miami. that was actually his best game of the season statistically speaking now that he's with the eagles he says he's talked with his teammates about what he saw then and more importantly what worked. >> same guys, so, you know, my mentality hasn't really changed. um it's an exciting challenge for us. playoff atmosphere. um, winner go home. so we'll be ready to go.
10:55 pm
>> nick foles has been the biggest question mark for the eagles these past few weeks. so doug pederson' message for the playoffs is simple. be nick. it seems to be working and settling any jitters for foles because his teammates say he's been much more relaxed at practice. >> i can say definitely this week he's a lot more confident -- i mean a lot more relaxed and confident than any other weeks. he's just relaxed and going around having plays and just real relaxed. >> matt ryan miff practice with the falcon yesterday he's keeping quiet on that personal issue that left him absent with atlanta. he was back today. he said his day away with no way affect the same on saturday. >> i was able to get game plan and get the information i needed yesterday so, you know, i'll be very well prepared for the game on saturday. >> be sure to tune in saturday morning at 8am for fox 29 "game day live" special day and time as we give you one last look at eagles/falcons before we final
10:56 pm
and get a game here in philly. villanova back on ton at number one in the polls this week looking to keep it that way top ten matchup against xavier at the wells fargo sent. nova up in the first. miguel bridges knocks down the three. wildcats had 12 tonight. with the comfortable lead in the second phil booth tips the ball grabs the steel finishes with a dunk. nova goes up 17. phil booth led the way with 21. while cats win this hand diddly. alsatia the edge in the second. quinton rose drives is going to get this shot to go. and the and one. temple goes 45-arthritic. owls currently up three with more minutes left to go. lasalle at umass. explorers led by 19 in the second half but this one went to overtime. minute men up three. carl pierre with pookie powell in his face still gets the shot. lasalle falls 86-79 in overtime. a lot of college basketball. >> i was going to say. >> i like that but we still have
10:57 pm
eagles coming up on saturday. >> just that little game. >> playoff football. let's go. >> there you go. that does it for us at 10:00. iain has you covered on the other side of the break with fox 29 news at 11 with these wonderful ladies next to me. remember your powerball lottery drawing is next. good luck to you. >> you too.
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